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Join us online on Thursday, October 7, at 4 pm MST for our latest webinar event!

This month’s theme is : Embodied Carbon and City of Edmonton policy


Shawn Allers is a senior mechanical engineer with the City of Edmonton‎. Shawn has over 15 years experience in the buildings industry working for consultants and owners. Shawn provides leadership to the City regarding mechanical design, energy efficiency, and climate change.

Justin Phill is the Senior Engineer, Green Building and Energy Code at the City of Edmonton. His focus is on reducing the carbon emissions of our buildings and building the capacity of local industry to design and construct higher performance buildings.

Andrea Linsky is a Senior engineer with the City of Edmonton. Her primary role with the City is leading development and supporting implementation of the City's Greenhouse Gas Management Plan for Civic Operations. Andrea's passion is in implementation of GHG policy.

Watch the event HERE !


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