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Join us online on Wednesday, May 25, at 12:00 pm MST for our latest webinar event!

This month’s theme is Material Transparency: The Supply Chain of Embodied Carbon.


  • Adam Stoker, Sustainable Infrastructure Engineer at City of Calgary

    • Bio: Adam Stoker has been working with energy efficient and sustainable buildings since 2004. Leveraging his background in mechanical engineering, project management, and policy development; Adam has worked directly with designers, contractors, and building operators in all phases of the green building process. In his current role as a Sustainable Infrastructure Engineer at the City of Calgary, he is championing climate action and sustainable design across a multitude of projects.

  • Amy Brander, Sustainable Building Advisor at PerkinsWill

    • Bio: Amy has a strong passion for the natural world and would describe herself as a climate activist in her professional and personal life. Her work involves building resilient and sustainable structures that focus on user performance and protecting the environment we all depend on. Amy works for Perkins&Will as a sustainable building’s advisor with a focus on embodied carbon. At Perkins&Will she facilitates the process of holistic and sustainable design to meet the requirements of many building rating systems, policy framework, and exceeding construction best practices. She regularly performs life cycle assessments focused on reducing the embodied carbon associated with a building’s materials.

  • Stacy Simpson, Sustainability Manager at USG

    • Bio: For the past 8 years I have worked in the USG Sustainability Department. I am currently the USG Sustainability Manager and approach the position as an interdisciplinary scientist being trained as an environmental engineer, chemist, and biologist. My main task is to build sustainability principles into USG’s culture. I led the effort to persuade USG's leadership team to commit to SBTi. I developed the 2030 Sustainability goals, which were released on Earth Day 2022. I currently work to incorporate and implement our sustainability vision for the company. I provide expert support for initiatives to reduce company-wide resource consumption and waste generation. In addition, I calculate and report progress against sustainability strategies, objectives, and targets and provide expertise for customer sustainability initiatives including CDPH 01350 compliance, LEED documentation, and environmental and health transparency. I am very passionate about slowing climate change and believe that real change is necessary to make a difference.

  • Jolene McLaughlin, Director, Corporate Sustainability at EllisDon

    • Bio: Jolene has spent more than 12 years driving sustainability initiatives across various segments of the built environment. In her role as Director, Corporate Sustainability for EllisDon Corporation she works to build partnerships across the industry that support carbon emissions reductions throughout the value chain, from the materials used, to onsite processes and operational energy of buildings.

  • Moderated by: Stephanie Fargas, Associate at DIALOG

    • Bio: Stephanie is recognized by her peers as an emerging leader in specifications. Stephanie has a wealth of experience and leadership in specifications for material product research and preparing project manuals for a variety of project sectors across Canada and the United States. She is passionate about sustainability and is committed to guiding material transparency. Some of her proudest work has been on projects pursuing LEED®, WELL®, and Envision™ certifications. Stephanie led the research and development of specifications for our (and Canada’s!) first Living Building Challenge: the Bill Fisch Forest Stewardship and Education Centre.

Join the CLF Alberta on May 25, 2022 12:00 PM Mountain Time to discover Material Transparency!

Register HERE for free event!


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